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Maximizing Your Long-Term Competitiveness and Revenue

We provide expert advice and tactical support to healthcare executives on a wide range of issues and initiatives related to:

  • New product development
    • Payer strategy
    • Value proposition development and maximization
    • Clinical trials strategy
    • Scientific and clinical investigations and analyses
    • Integrated early-stage commercialization and market preparation

  • Product commercialization
    • Launch strategy and lifecycle management
    • Payer strategy
    • Physician strategy
    • Patient and advocacy strategy
    • Integrated strategic commercial plan

  • Corporate-level strategy, management and operations initiatives
    • Disease-area targeting
    • Rationalization and augmentation of development pipeline
    • Development of strategic alliances
    • Corporate development, partnering, financing

Bruckner has extensive experience working in every major disease area as well as specific expertise in rare disorders.