About Us:
Healthcare and Life Science Strategy Experts

Founded in 2001, The Bruckner Group is a pharma and biotech strategy consultancy. Bruckner provides expert advice and tactical support to healthcare executives on a wide range of issues and initiatives related to:

  • new product development
  • product commercialization
  • corporate-level strategy and management initiatives
  • corporate and business development

Actionable Solutions with Measurable Results
Clients routinely praise Bruckner's ability to address their most pressing problems with creative, honest, and most importantly immediately actionable guidance and solutions. Bruckner's clients have come to rely on our consistent capacity to forecast industry trends that other miss, allowing them to seize opportunities and reduce risk.

There's a reason why Bruckner gets results that others do not produce: we treat each situation like it's our own. More than a few clients have been amazed by the level of dedication Bruckner has shown in addressing their situation. It's simple—we do what it takes to get the job done, and we treat each situation as if it were our company, our therapeutic, and our own problem.